My Paint + Photoshop Art

Well, I made all of these pictures from mixtures of Ms. Paint and Photoshop. Check it out 🙂

beach-background.pngMade this at December 3rd 2012. My very first BG (Back Ground) drawing 😀


This picture was made at December 15th 2012 🙂

Mountains and Hills #1

..and this one was made at December 18th :mrgreen:

I was thinking for making a DA (deviantART) account for these stuffs. But I might think about it again.. 😕

Anyways, sorry for the lack of post updates. I’m busy (again) to prepare a take-off to Pare, Kediri, Central Java for a English program called HEC (Happy English Course) (I’ll post it later) and…there’s a personal problem that will change my life at daily school 😥

So, be patient, OK? 😉


Mustika Sari Adinissa

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